Track how to do the rankings included in the rankings, what is the reason

track how to do the rankings included in the

what is the network extrapolation network refers to the use of the external platform to achieve the rapid expansion of information opportunities. In the whole extrapolation process, the tracking method is the most effective way to improve the ranking, but also the most common means of promotion, by tracking the extrapolation can help the promoters to quickly find the most effective promotion platform. However, tracking the implementation of the process is very difficult, a lot of people to track how to do the rankings included in the extrapolation is not very clear, resulting in very confusing.

but in fact, the track is not included in the ranking of the extrapolation of the tricky thing, it is difficult to compare time-consuming, large workload and low efficiency is the biggest difficulty in tracking extrapolation. Therefore, the most direct way to solve this problem is to start from the above two points, to find ways to improve the efficiency of the near and save valuable time. What and how to do it? Then we went together to listen to the authority for tracking and extrapolation do what advice included rankings


Zhang is a professional engaged in the work of network extrapolation Promotion Commissioner, according to Mr. Zhang, long before they have abandoned the tracking mode of manual operation, it is to promote the network work one-stop cloud claw today is the most popular network marketing analysis and management system, the system can automatically big data collected with Baidu, 360, Sogou search engine three, timely and accurate tracking to the ranking results, the previous day’s workload now one hour to complete, save a lot of time to do other things. Now a lot of companies are using cloud claw analysis to track the rankings, few people can track the rankings and how to do it again and again, said mr..

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