WeChat marketing should adhere to the content is king, the user supplemented

played micro-blog people are aware of such a concept, the user is king, supplemented by content". The meaning of this sentence is that the user is more important than the content, as long as the user is enough, coverage and spread will be very high, so many people playing micro-blog for their millions, tens of millions of fans and proud. In WeChat operations, we should grasp the content is king, the user as a supplement, the principle.

in WeChat, pay attention to each of your users, are real real users, do not want to have some zombie like micro-blog". In other words, you push WeChat content of 90% people will see. If you do not pay attention to the content ", pay attention to your users from here you can’t learn anything, do not interest them, then they will feel disappointed, see you again to send the content, will not open to look carefully, even to cancel your attention. So. In the operation of WeChat, we need to pay attention to several aspects.

writing skills

, a style of writing

you don’t need to have a sharp style of writing, but must be logical. An article must have at least one or two words to impress the reader.




humorous language style can arouse the reader’s interest, serious and steady language style to create a child a "high-end, the atmosphere, on the grade" feeling, the specific use of what kind of style, according to marketing subject selection. If you opened the restaurant, you can use the poetry style; if you are selling children’s toys, so choose the easy to understand, with the style of writing rhymes will appear more cordial.

content selection

WeChat content selection according to individual expertise and marketing to determine the main body, we have to grasp the following two points:

first, we should pay attention to the practicality and interesting content. With these two characteristics of the content is a lot of users are very fond of. Especially in the growing pressure of life today, spare time to read some interesting, practical knowledge, not only to increase knowledge, but also to bring their own happiness. So, do WeChat content must consider its practicality and fun.


should pay attention to the diversity of content. WeChat marketing theme is too single, is a bit dry, advertising trace is too obvious to cause the user antipathy, so WeChat content should be diversified. But if the content is too complicated, too much, it will drown the theme, so the diversity of content should be moderate.

no matter how WeChat content changes, can not be separated from the main body, otherwise it will lose the meaning of micro marketing. If you are a car sales consultant, want to use WeChat marketing to sell their own brand, improve their sales performance, then, you can not in order to attract users like days to release some jokes. If you do, then the user does not know that you are a car sales consultant, even if you want to buy a car will not think of you. The correct approach is: in addition to the introduction of vehicle parameters, >

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