Alibaba really good money to get it

      on the eve of the annual Chinese network conference and China e-businessmen Festival, a student friend returned with my instant communication tools. He was sent to the project information, I make a suggestion, I open the document, everywhere is to "Ali" theme "Alibaba" is also trying to follow. I tell the truth: the Chinese people like to follow the trend, what the U.S. Internet, or how long, China will have! Of course, this is not a bad thing, indicating that China’s reform and opening up over the years, has been deeply rooted in consciousness. Fully inclusive and equitable, zhaodanquanshou, and people fully adapt to the rules of intellectual property rights has to be time. As the ancients, making a "plagiarist" like imitation, is generally known.

      the students know what I mean, he smiled. Remember I said, Ma Yun is not good, Ma Yun’s light is not good. Even the word of mouth network, it is also because the founder of Mr. Li Zhiguo has compiled for Alibaba 46. Word of mouth network to do nothing to boil, but also to the emergency Mrs. ma! Just imagine, follow the footsteps of Alibaba, or you follow Ma Yungan, service to follow around or you’ll be trampled to death; Alibaba, not the light of day. Of course, sometimes small climate is then Alibaba incorporated, is a good outcome.

      scattered according to historical records, from the Alibaba cannot do without Ma master’s journey to the west. Special reminder, Ma is not to go west master Xuanzang road. He is just to see the water on the edge of the West Lake mountain, and the river of the thousand year wealth bigwigs debate, with some of the snappy comebacks. The number of network operators to see "West Lake mountain" as mentioned in Jin Yong’s martial arts masterpiece, not zouhuorumo an infatuation. As of today the stock market boom, millions of people have become "Crazy", those who talk about stocks on the market speculators who are sought after. In the public opinion under the action of induction and example, grassroots network to echo the crowd into the "Alibaba" account, we listen to the strange man Chinese wealth arena talk through the sermon.

      how are new founding hero since ancient times, how many is good? The battlefield shihengbianye, the victorious general to credit for the emperor Lao Tzu. But as the eagle superior, can be cut at any time the general civil war the imperial sword head, not to mention the general account of the soldiers died in the warriors. But the Alibaba listed, the benefit of Alibaba has a master of rhetoric, tens of millions or even billionaires a lot of employees. How poor is no longer the general staff, but as in the past support and contribute to their small tradesmen and porters. If the network left, is bound to become the altar of the ruins, but also the value of geometry? Similarly, small and medium-sized enterprises at home and abroad to make a new start marketing platform, what can the rest of the Alibaba?

      thousands of years ago, the peasant uprising hero chanting "

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