The new advertising law for two weeks to see the new changes in the science and technology circles

"new advertising law" has been officially implemented since September 1st has been two weeks. This is the first time in 20 years to amend the implementation of the advertising law, called the history of the most stringent punishment scale shook the entire advertising circle. For two weeks, the "new art advertising law after the sudden death of 27 people" sensational news, although it is just a joke, but also illustrates the new "advertisement law" of the strong power.

new "advertisement law" triggered a wave of a great disturbance in the science and technology circle, also caused a lot of controversy in the advertising circle. The new advertising law brought about by the new changes, it is worth all tastes and thinking.

comprehensive interpretation of the new advertising law of the six forbidden zones

1, children under the age of 10 are not allowed to speak

in recent years, with the Daddy where and other reality TV show became popular, Meng baby endorsement advertising case intensified. However, in accordance with the provisions of the new advertising law, the use of minors under the age of 10 as a spokesperson, will belong to the law. However, the child can not be a spokesperson does not mean that the child can not be a spokesperson, does not mean that children can not do advertising, children can still appear in the advertising screen performances. So we can still mango "where my father went to see the Liu Ye Yili milk advertising" 3 titles in advertising, "silly white sweet" Liu Nuoyi still followed at his father’s side, and the cows together a play.

2, the stars themselves do not have to speak

stars do not have to speak for themselves, which means that the stars are not allowed to use their goods or services have not been accepted as proof. That is to say, the sun handsome actor Su Zhixie can no longer speak lingerie brand. We have a big hole in the brain, Tang Guoqiang teacher for the future of the endorsement of Lan Xiang is not the right to receive training to receive a diploma?

3, Internet advertising can not be a key to close the penalty of 30 thousand yuan

the new advertising law provides that the use of the Internet advertising, should be marked off the mark, to ensure a key off. Offenders will be at five thousand yuan to thirty thousand yuan fine.

4, no professional data advertising may not appear

"one section is stronger than the six section", "one night only once electricity" and other ads have appeared on TV, but now this kind of advertising without the support of research data will not exist.

5, drugs, health food advertising endorsement

star endorsement false drugs, health food advertising events frequently. Mr. Zhao Benshan had the endorsement of the yilishen, Fan Bingbing had the endorsement of the diet pills… Such ads will not appear in the future…

6, the ultimate penalty of $two hundred thousand penalty start

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