Baidu mobile open platform can be arbitrary transcoding WAP page

October 25th, according to DoNews users reflect, Baidu mobile open platform has been on the line, the domain name is, enter any PC site, you can quickly view the effect of the WAP page transcoding. According to reports, mobile open platform solutions to mobile search and mobile transcoding based on the provided to the webmaster, webmaster input box to fill their site domain name below, and click "submit documents" submitted, submit within 1 hours after the success of the general file can be obtained by Baidu.

according to the official introduction, mobile open platform is Baidu’s mobile search platform for the majority of Baidu based mobile search technology platform. Mobile open platform hopes to share and open through technology to help the majority of the owners in the field of mobile Internet access to more users and profit opportunities.

currently the platform’s main services include:

1 WAP station notification service. If the site has established the corresponding WAP station, you can configure the file deployment through the site, Baidu mobile search will inform the user search requests, guide to the WAP station instead of the original page, enhance the mobile user experience;

2 transcoding feedback service. If the original page of Baidu transcoding effect (you can enter the corresponding address on the home page view) there are comments and suggestions, you can deploy the configuration file through the site, told Baidu, Baidu will be arranged as soon as possible.

related pages also show that the platform is about to launch mobile station, mobile statistics, transcoding page template editing services. (end)


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