Do we pursue comprehensive or professional

found in civic network for customers, website planning, most of the customers love great and very full of type, column content more widely and better, put forward opinions supplement. The website is big and complete really good?

reality in addition to Sina, Sohu and a few of the early start of the listing of the contents of the site involved in sports, news, women, health and other aspects, there are not many sites can do so. On the one hand, more than one topic on the need to increase manpower in this area, including network editors, reporters, etc.. The majority of people in this area of the site is not standard or flat, which is doomed to the site will fail. Instead of focusing on energy, manpower and material resources, concentrate on doing a good job. Source civic network dedicated to the construction of professional website, also made a very good performance. The reality of the theme of a single professional website but live relatively moist, and the huge and human resources and the lack of the majority of the site is in the hard support.

to the production site, for example, if you are in Beijing, you will definitely search Beijing website production rather than website production. From the search area for the site to be large, but in this area of Beijing, the search for Beijing website is clearly more detailed information richer. Large and all means you need to spend several times or even several times the manpower, which itself is small and special features, so Qiyuan civic network think site planning should not blindly pursue the large and complete


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