Micro-blog search engine marketing in Shanghai dragon ranking Zaiyu cold storm

is in the above screenshot, the binary keyword search "Shanghai Phoenix software" found the results. Find what is different? Tencent micro-blog keyword appeared in the home page, and pages with hyperlinks. Webmaster, Shanghai dragon Er hard to do a keyword optimization, only desirable home page ranking, this is why micro-blog occupy a point? Thus: micro-blog marketing into the search engine, no doubt for the pressure of website optimization again added a pressure, it can be said that the Shanghai Phoenix ranking again by the storm. Then, the "micro-blog marketing" appeared in the website ranking, and what are some of the highlights? Perhaps through these phenomena, the owners took a lot of shortcuts in the development of the website: read more

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Love Shanghai recent transformation to imitate or transcend

The difference of

love Shanghai image search and Google image search results in three different differences: find pictures click after the search results show love Shanghai picture, the picture is true to size, however, is placed on the left side of Shanghai love love Shanghai promotion advertising. The Google image search is not only display pictures, also display pictures in the source URL of the article, Google left the website shows the source of the picture, full size pictures and picture details. read more

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How to capture share in Shanghai Longfeng strategizing interviewer candidates in the heart

because our job position is associated with the Shanghai dragon, since it is a search engine optimization, and interview site enterprises are closely related, in an interview before the interview to the enterprise site look, according to their own experience of the occupation of a site to do a simple analysis of Shanghai dragon, which design some is not conducive to the existence of Shanghai dragon website, there is the construction of the chain defects etc.. The interviewer more love with job seekers, this is also a good method of their live shows Shanghai dragon skills, it can cover a lot of extra points for you. read more

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Love Shanghai ranked big update time in the end there is no rules to follow

below to see the next group of love Shanghai website update time statistics 2011 January: love Shanghai a total of 4 big update, February: love in Shanghai there were 5 big update, March: love in Shanghai there were 4 big update, April: love in Shanghai there were 5 big update, May: love Shanghai total 4 big update, June: love in Shanghai there were 5 big update, July: love in Shanghai there were 5 big update, August: love in Shanghai there were 4 big update, September: love in Shanghai there were 7 big update, October: love in Shanghai there were 3 big update, November: love Shanghai a total of 3 times the average monthly update, probably love Shanghai will have 4.5 big update. read more

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Necessity of fine-tuning to provide users with a better experience

website construction not in one step, this is as everyone knows, even if the pre do quite perfect, in the back of the process also need according to the needs of users to properly modify it, if a site after doing whatever it might just start, so very good keywords ranking, but changed with the user the search engine needs to adjust the algorithm, resulting in decreased keyword ranking.

title changed many times according to the weight of the website to adjust, such as a web site just on the line, because the weight is low, the optimization of keywords are some less competition, with the weights of the website promotion, can change the appropriate keywords, make a site more traffic. And sometimes according to the user to adjust the keywords, such as listening to music friends will search keywords: 2012 new songs, before 2012 have not come, may optimize the latest 2011 songs, we look at the trend of search keywords 2012 new songs:. read more

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WeChat has exceeded 300 million users, Shanghai dragon who can calm it

Shanghai dragon who not only to do search engine optimization, but also with other platform promotion, two pronged approach in order to achieve a multiplier effect. WeChat is a new platform, it has brought about a revolution, as if walking in the forefront of marketing Shanghai dragon, there is no time to understand the platform, it is really a great loss. In the future there will be a new platform for the birth of Shanghai dragon to be the first time to experience, to use.

WeChat is a Tencent in January 21, 2012 launched a fast through the Internet to send voice messages, video, pictures and text, to support multi group chat mobile phone chat software. WeChat has exceeded three hundred million users, and the users are still increasing, users have promotion and marketing, especially WeChat launched the public platform, but also provide a very favorable channel for small and medium enterprises to build brand. read more

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On the methods of how to improve the PR value of the new website

two, the chain increased in the PR value calculation, the number of external links the site will be taken into account, but not to say that the number of external links to a website more the PR value is high, because the web page of the PR value is not simply by calculating the number of external links the site decision,

2, the Q class, such as Shanghai Sina know, love asked the question and answer, and so on, and by way of answer questions made an article on your own web site, allowing users to browse the web site. read more

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How to recover for the loss of the PR value selling links

because of the sale of links are not many expired in August 2, 2012, Google will be my website PR value dropped to 0, and the two level domain forum value is reduced to 0. Therefore, we decided to terminate the sale of links, as a warning for the future, the original link before after the expiration is not allowed to renew, while some websites sell link information change to link exchange, until the sale of all links after the cancellation, adhere to the update site.

December 12, 2012, the two level domain forum PR value recovery was 2. Then, in December 13, 2012, the PR value of the Lord restored to 3, although there is no direct return to at least 4, or is the beginning of a new. Do stand, will have good results. Now, if the received Google SMS, timely delete sale link, submit an application, there is no penalty for the pr. Please indicate the source of Anhui News Network (贵族宝贝ahnews.org/Article/201212/8951.html). read more

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What a good 2014 Shanghai dragon Er should have the quality

to deal with the innovation and development of the new period, to continue to do site optimization ranking in 2014, an excellent Er Shanghai dragon should have those qualities? The author talk about his own views:

(statements of a school)

With a close The search engine

1. learning network marketing is an dynamic discipline, all the knowledge and experience from the practice of continuous exploration and. Especially the search engine marketing Shanghai dragon, it is an innovation in the dynamic evolution of social occupation, with their own search engine ranking technology to improve and perfect the website, Shanghai Dragon Technology and marketing strategy to update and change frequently, an occupation of Shanghai dragon Er, must have strong ability of self learning, update the inherent Shanghai dragon old knowledge, traditional knowledge of Shanghai dragon’s mode of thinking, innovation and learning, and understanding the latest moment absorption law and dynamic search engine development, can make their own network optimization skills preservation, warranty, insurance value, otherwise we are search engines out sooner or later. read more

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On site three PR to update the understanding of the change

went on to an article said, PR changes, resulting in their website three PR change, then to talk about the three PR update recently, some of these understanding should know friends are very helpful, first to talk about PR of their total station changed three times, the first 0-4, second 4-0, third 0-2, if these people are, the analysis of these problems is very meaningful to believe.

, 0-4, this process is occurring in the production site for half a year, and then modified to become blog directly after the PR is up to 4, have to say that an update or listen to the awesome, although I know some of the reasons, but look at those numbers should be still very comfortable, then analysis what causes; PR from 0-4 is a process, but what is the process of birth, talk about the website do what, early itself is a Taobao site guest website, then the data using the API call, you know the API data call is can produce a large number of pages directly, and these pages directly creating a link stability and security, according to my own speculation, direct up to 4 at the time, because the site did API site, and then directly indexed by search engines, resulting in a large The amount of the site within the chain, so as to promote directly improve website PR value, remember the page W, this time although made outside the chain, but the chain is still not an utterly inadequate measure, then in the chain, believe that when a large number of pages included is the PR level, a after all, in the chain is the link, but also is a kind of very important, to ensure that their own pages included, to ensure quality, but also we should pay attention to. read more

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