Airbnb is moving to fight problematic guests

first_imgAirbnb also announced it would introduce new standards of guest behavior in early January to combat excessive noise, unauthorized guests, smoking and leaving a pile of garbage behind. And the hosts will get a set of new rules. For example, they may even be kicked off the platform if they trade positive reviews or leave negative reviews to competitors. Many hosts have encountered guests who threaten them with a negative review if they do not receive certain bonuses or a discount on the price of accommodation. To put an end to this, Airbnb is currently introducing a series of new rules to protect hosts from false reviews. Some of these steps resulted from host feedback. “Therefore, at the beginning of 2020, we will introduce improved standards for guests who set higher expectations from a reliable community”, They said from Airbnb in a blog post. Among other things, it changes the way Airbnb handles guest and host reviews on the platform. Airbnb support agents are authorized to remove posts and ratings resulting from irrelevant, biased, and false reviews, and may completely deny access to the platform to all users who have repeatedly committed a particular offense. Source / photo: Skift; Airbnb It is often written about tougher sanctions for fraudsters who publish accommodation ads on Airbnb that do not exist or do not resemble photos and descriptions from the platform. But Airbnb is now announcing a series of measures to protect hosts from guest misbehavior, reports Shift. According to Airbnb, examples of irrelevant reviews may be from guests who did not show up at the booked accommodation for reasons unrelated to the host and decided to criticize the experience. Other irrelevant reviews may include a description of the appearance of the host, public transportation, or “the kind of people in the neighborhood”. The rule will give hosts the option to cancel the remaining nights if they cannot resolve the issue with the guest. The hosts can also file a claim for damages.last_img read more

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