‘Krypton’ Series Season 2 Sneak Peek: Superman’s Home Planet Is at Stake

first_img Top Movie and TV Trailers You Might Have Missed This WeekWhat to Stream on Amazon Prime This Weekend Stay on target Krypton, SYFY’s suspenseful series that follows the story of Superman’s grandfather, Seg-El, is returning for a second season. This time, Krypton, the Man of Steel’s home planet, is on the brink of civil war, as two clashing powers fight to set a foundation for future generations.Krypton Season 2, which premieres on June 12, takes off with this conflict, as Krypton’s fate becomes more uncertain and unstable. General Dru-Zod takes over Kandor and is ruthless with his vision for Krypton, while Seg-El realizes that he needs to be a hero to save his home planet from demise. Ahead of the Season 2 premiere, Geek.com briefly spoke with stars Cameron Cuffe (Seg-El) and Colin Salmon (General Dru-Zod) about their characters and how they will each play a role in Krypton’s fate.“Everything is at stake here. This is a battle for the soul of Krypton,” Cuffe told Geek.com. “Is this the beginning of a fascistic Intergalactic Kryptonian Empire, hell-bent on dominating the universe? Or will this planet grow into the peace-loving, egalitarian utopia that Val-El has always believed it could be? This is a civil war and both sides have everything to fight for.”Cameron Cuffe as Seg-El. (Photo Credit: Steffan Hill / SYFY)Seg-El, who is stuck in the Phantom Zone in Season 2, has to defend himself against some of DC Comics’ most powerful baddies, including Brainiac, Lobo, Doomsday, and Krypton’s new ruler, General Dru-Zod. The young man makes it his mission to fight the totalitarian regime of General Dru-Zod, who thinks this is one of the only ways to rebuild Krypton. General Dru-Zod is not only acting on the fly, but he might also know what’s to come for the vulnerable planet.Colin Salmon as General Dru-Zod. (Photo Credit: Steffan Hill / SYFY)“General Dru-Zod has seen the future. This gives him an insight into the weaknesses of the Universe and its population. He has seen his power under a yellow sun and knows he would be unassailable,” Salmon explained. “General Dru-Zod’s intelligence and grounding in science makes him a formidable opponent and difficult to influence. His singleminded drive to save Krypton at any cost is terrifying because that is literally not negotiable.”‘Krypton’ Season 2 (Photo Credit: SYFY)The clock is ticking for Krypton, as General Dru-Zod tries to execute his power and Seg-El has to prevent a potentially flawed order from damaging his home planet.“In an all-out war, hubris and arrogance are not good bedfellows,” Salmon adds. “The divisions left by this conflict may last for generations and could destabilize Krypton’s future and undermine its opportunity to become the Universal power General Dru-Zod wants it to be.”Except, Seg-El knows that there’s more to his image than a cape, symbols, and family heritage, it’s about saving the people of Krypton before it’s too late.“Seg-El in Season 2 a stronger, more determined and more mature character. The boy has become a man, and whilst he is still the roguish underdog that people will remember from Season 1, he has a better understanding of his place in all this,” Cuffe explained. “The mission matters more to him than ever. Equally, his relationships matter more to him, too. Seg-El is never alone in the fight to save Krypton.”Krypton Season 2 premieres on SYFY on Wednesday, June 12.More on Geek.com:11 Superheroes Who Became Villains‘Avengers: Endgame’ Director Says This One Scene Made Him CrySteven Spielberg Is Writing a ‘Super Scary’ Horror Serieslast_img read more

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