Someone has GTA V and is posting gameplay videos on Instagram

first_imgRockstar isn’t set to release GTA V until September 17, and has even asked retailers not to ship the games out until September 16 for fear of someone receiving it early. But it seems the game has still managed to fall into the hands of one individual who is more than willing to share footage of it being played.This leak is sure to frustrate Rockstar, but at least it is happening in the form of very short Instagram videos. If anything, it’s more like a teaser promotion than someone divulging details of the game and ruining it for everyone else. From what I’ve seen the videos aren’t giving too much away, either. They just show off the world and a few of the characters for a few seconds.I’m sure the videos will be removed before too long, but if one copy of the game has managed to make its way to a home console, then surely others have, too. Expect many more leaks and possible spoilers in the coming days, but hopefully video sites will keep on top of them and games news sites will handle covering the leaks in a mature fashion. No spoiler headlines appearing on my feeds, please.The Instagram videos are available on the JSticks11 account (hat tip to @AllGamesBeta). Fair warning: if you visit that link you will see lots of images of the videos, but they won’t play unless you click on them. It looks just like the screenshot included at the top of this post.last_img read more

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