Finally, Tommy Wiseau Joins The Avengers in Marvel’s ‘The Room’

first_img Sony Pictures CEO Says ‘Door Is Closed’ for Now on Spider-Man SplitMarvel Censors Criticism of America From Marvel Comics #1000 Stay on target I have a lot of opinions about The Room. The so-called “Citizen Kane of Bad Movies” is indeed so awful that it’s absolutely hilarious. Every minute is packed with meme-worthy bits of bizarre incompetence as this weird vampire man stars in a glossy nonsensical romance drama. I love it, watching it alone or with a trained cult crowd in midnight theaters Rocky Horror style.What I don’t love is Tommy Wiseau’s desperate attempt to spin the whole thing as some kind of joke on purpose. I’m not laughing with Tommy, I’m laughing at him. What doesn’t help are all the accounts of Wiseau’s sketchy behavior detailed in The Disaster Artist (co-written by co-star Greg Sestero sadly accepting this is the height of his career). This book was then adapted into a pretty great drama by my personal irony king James Franco, just adding to my inner conflict.Anyway, here’s a video that imagines what it might be like if Tommy Wiseau entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe.Edited by Pistol Shrimps and Schomoyoho, this musical mashup inserts songified clips from The Room into various iconic Avengers moments. They even got Sestero to record some new footage, and plug his new movie with Wiseau Best Friends. This was actually first posted a few months ago, hence why there’s nothing here from Avengers: Endgame. But Wiseau just posted it on his own YouTube page, renewing interest.After SDCC, we already know about Marvel Studios Phase 4. But would you want to see Marvel Studios’ The Room as part of Phase 5? It could work. Wiseau is already part of the Marvel universe in the comics. He’s an alien criminal who escaped the Guardians of the Galaxy and fled to Earth to make bad movies. James Gunn would have a field day with that. For more on Tommy Wiseau check out his weird underwear website.last_img read more

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