Letter to Editor: Do We Need a Bookmobile in O.C.?

first_imgDo we really need a bookmobile in Ocean City?About a month or two ago, it was reported in this newspaper the Ocean City Free Public Library purchased a brand-new bookmobile. One OPRA inquiry later, I learned it cost $110,000.I soon met with Karen Mahar, library director, and Jennifer Shirk, president of the library’s Board of Trustees. I found them to be polite and courteous in reaction to my assertion the bookmobile was a bad idea. I followed that meeting by speaking during public comment at the monthly library board meeting yesterday.I said Ocean City is 7 miles long and an a half-mile wide for a total of approximately 3.5 square miles. In addition to the public library, we have a library in the primary, intermediate and high schools — or four libraries in 3.5 square miles.  I stated that bookmobiles were supposed to be for rural communities (i.e. geographically much larger) and poorly funded communities that can’t afford satellite locations — descriptions that don’t match Ocean City. I said given the trustees were swimming against the tide, maybe they should have leased the bookmobile initially, in case it doesn’t work out. Why didn’t the trustees hedge?I reminded the trustees that when the Community Center was expanded (the very building our library is a part of), John Flood introduced into the public dialogue the simple and very accurate phrase: “Concept, Design, Fund, Build (or in this case purchase).” How ironic.The concept behind the bookmobile, I think, is to promote the library and reading. So go into the community. No truck needed. So far on the list are just a few stops: the Public Housing Authority, Wesley Shores, American Legion, to name a few. The Public Housing Authority has a large public room. Go read to young people and promote the library in that room. Install a broadband line or two. When it rains you won’t have to cancel a visit.  Many residents at Wesley Shores are not mobile. Give them broadband lines if there is a need. The list of library books is online. If they need books, just bring them books from the whole library.At the very meeting I attended, one trustee questioned the marketing of the bookmobile as well as its usage. As he said, there was no surprise here as the purchase was a long time coming. Apparently, the bookmobile needs a driver. No Design. He was really questioning the rollout. Poor planning.My conclusion is this was a poorly conceived venture for the library by well-meaning people who didn’t adhere to Concept, Design, Fund and Purchase (or lease). The bookmobile is a “square peg for a round hole” for Ocean City. It doesn’t fit. Four libraries in 3.5 square miles with the public library nearly in the middle of the town. What were they thinking?Stay with your core — we have a very fine public library that is well-attended with numerous programs, computers, speakers and a vast array of books, magazines and newspapers. The library is amply funded and well-run. It is a credit to the staff, its board and the community at large.Michael HinchmanOcean City, NJlast_img read more

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Traditional retirement possibly becoming a thing of the past

first_img 6SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr by: Charisse JonesIt may be time to redefine retirement.A new survey of American workers from the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies found that 82% of the respondents age 60 and older either are, or expect to keep working past the age of 65. Among all workers, regardless of age, 20% expect to keep on working as long as possible in their current job or a similar one.“The days of the gold-watch retirement where we have an office party and maybe some punch and cookies and never work again are more mythical than a reality,” said Catherine Collinson, president of the retirement studies center. “Very few workers actually envision that type of retirement and many plan to keep on working part-time even after they retire.“It even raises the question is retirement the right word.”The new retirement horizon should encourage employers to reconsider the way they view their staffing.“It’s a call to action … to really revisit basic workforce management principles,” Collinson says, “The reality is that as a society we have workers who are looking to work much longer than 20 or 30 years. They’re also an important part of the economy because they’re consumers as well. ” continue reading »last_img read more

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PREMIUMTwo F-16 jets back in service after midlife upgrades

first_imgLOG INDon’t have an account? Register here Topics : Two of the Indonesian Air Force’s F-16 fighter jets are now back in service after having undergone upgrades to their radar and weapon systems and structures to extend the service life of the 30-year-old aircraft.The upgrades were part of the Structural Augmentation Roadmap (Falcon STAR) and enhanced midlife upgrade (eMLU) programs, supervised by US defense company Lockheed Martin, for F-16 fighters that have been in service since 1990.Under the projects, Air Force technicians modified the F-16 structural frame to extend the service life of the aircraft, giving them an additional 8,000 hours of flight time, or equivalent to 20 years. It was complemented with the eMLU, which modernized the aircraft’s avionics and enabled them to have beyond visual range (BVR) capabilities in launching missiles.The upgrades, carried out at Iswahjudi Air Base in East Java and completed in… Facebook Linkedin Google Log in with your social account Forgot Password ? #F-16 F-16 Air-Force #AirForce #Defense defenselast_img read more

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‘We Have Fallen far Behind’

first_imgPresident Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said conditions surrounding the country’s recovery process have caused Liberians to fall far behind.Addressing the nation on the state of the economy on Wednesday May 28, President Sirleaf stated the difficulties in the recovery process have been a result of constraints on the part of government to prioritize everything at the same time.“Our continued post-conflict recovery process is of such that we must continue to do everything at the same time,” she said.The Liberian leader likened the post-conflict recovery process to driving an old bus while at the same time repairing its many deficient and dysfunctional parts.“As we know, for the past years our bus has been parked, some of the parts have gotten rusty, some are unusable, and many of our people were left stranded and abandoned on the sides of the road. From opportunity to morality, our children, and in many respects ourselves, have fallen too far behind,” President Sirleaf stated.This statement is, however, in sharp contrast with several comments made earlier that the country has now been placed on the right trajectory for economic growth and infrastructural development. Efforts have, however, been made to restore the country’s damage infrastructures, power, roads, ports and other facilities.The Liberian economy is reported to have been experiencing robust growth of seven percent annually for the past six years. There have been indications that this is the highest on the African continent during this period. But amidst the barrage of praises for the level at which the economy is reportedly growing, poverty continues to affect many citizens, as many producers are even unable to access the market with their products due to bad roads; the absence of affordable electricity has tightened profit margins for most businesses.Complaints continue to mount that the economy is not adequately impacting the lives of ordinary Liberians.Many have voiced their suspicions that these purported growth rates are unrealistic and only meant to boost the image of the country outside. At the same time, others argue that the attraction of about US$16 billion, which brings to the fore multinationals such as ArcelorMittal , China Union and others, are serving as backing to this “reality.”President Sirleaf even said the Liberian economy remains “fundamentally strong”, in the midst of hiking prices of commodities, a skyrocketing foreign exchange rate between the United States and Liberia dollars and a stressful banking sector. She blamed the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) for lack of coordination, which she said is the cause of most of the economy’s problems.She was quick to promise robust pending actions, however, to ensure that the economy is restored to its core standard.“This is why the engine is up and running, we must keep moving forward – determined to always give our collective best to close the gap between where we are and where we know we can be.”“This also is why all Liberians are right to be concerned that the engine of our bus must keep beating. This engine is the economy. To keep us moving forward, the economy must keep working by our people and for all our people,” she stressed.According to the President, the only way to open new doors of opportunity for Liberians is to expand the space for increased participation of Liberians, and to break down the walls of monopolies so that more people can continue to benefit from quality services at affordable prices.She indicated that in terms of national economies, no country is an island. “On our own, we cannot build all of our roads, pave all of our streets, rebuild all of our schools and hospitals, secure our borders, and make ourselves feel entirely safe. On our own, we cannot meet all of our needs. Certainly so, the government – indeed no government on the face of this earth – can employ all of its citizens.”President Sirleaf said this is why all Liberians have determined and agreed that by the year 2030, most of the population should have climbed up from poverty to prosperity.“It therefore means that each of us -– government and private sector, civil society and non-governmental organizations, legislators and judges, community leaders and the media, students   and   workers — each   of   us, without   necessarily compromising the demands of our individual callings, continue to act in ways to ensure that more Liberians are able to work and earn a decent living,” she said.The Liberian leader furthered: “It means that more Liberians must not just wait for a government job but be empowered to own their own businesses and employ others. It means more Liberians must be able to pay their bills, send their children to school, care for their families, and travel if they desire, retire with dignity, and treat themselves with some of the nicer things that life has to offer.”“It means that our society must become one in which all Liberians – males and females, young and old, Christians and Muslims, abled and disabled – can all make it, if they are willing to try. Yes, this is possible.”Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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first_imgBY EMMET RUSHE: This article is aimed at men. It is going to be blunt and straight to the point and may offend. 

We live in an age where everything is computerised.You name it; you can do it online.The trouble with this is that the majority of our lives are being spent in front of a computer. As men, we sit too much, drink too much coffee, stress too much, don’t sleep enough, have pretty awful diets and don’t exercise enough.Once upon a time, when food was food and there were no computers or video games, people used to go outside.You heard that right kids, OUTSIDE.You know that place where you go to get into the car, so you can drive to the gym and walk on a treadmill, or spin on a bike. What is the result of the last few years of prosperity and technology?We have a generation of men who are skinny fat!This new body type is probably the most unhealthy that we as men are facing.Skinny fat looks like this:

The extremities (arms and legs) are completely normal looking. In some cases they are actually thin, whereas the trunk of the body is carrying quite a bit of excess body-fat.When you are wearing jeans and a t-shirt you will look relatively normal. It won’t look as if there is a problem. However, when you remove the t-shirt it will look as if you are wearing your grandfather’s skin for a shirt.You will have “moobs”, belly fat and probably a muffin top.To put it bluntly, you are beginning to look like a woman!This is not an insult to women. It is natural for women to carry fat on certain parts of their bodies. Men simply should not be holding fat in the same areas. This might seem a bit extreme, but when you look at the health and hormonal issues that are being studied regarding this issue, this is no laughing matter.A recent study in Journal of the American Medical Association found that;If you are skinny fat and get diagnosed with diabetes, you are twice as likely to die as if you are overweight and get diagnosed. 

You simply do not have the muscle mass that an overweight person has to protect you.Testosterone levels in skinny fat men were also found to be extremely low, with oestrogen levels being overly high.A simple test: when you wake up in the morning, are you flaccid?If you are in your twenties and you consistently wake up like this, something is not right.Stress levels are also extremely important in the issue of skinny fat.Most people these days have stressful jobs, stressful commutes to work, and stressful lives outside of work.They survive on coffee and energy drinks, are always on their phone or computers, never get into full deep sleep, which leaves nearly every situation they face feeling stressful.This leaves cortisol levels high which in turn, will hamper the body’s ability to build muscle and to burn fat.So let’s round this up;If you recognize yourself in this description, you probably have moobs, belly fat and a muffin top, the testosterone levels of a 16 year old girl and the stress levels of a mortgage broker when the 2008 crash happened.So what do we do?How do we fix this problem and get men back to being MEN?The first step is cleaning up your nutrition.Stop eating pre-packaged and processed foods and reduce your consumption of refined carbs.Reduce your consumption of carbonated drinks and alcohol.Eat protein at every meal.Increase your intake of healthy fats.Take a multi vitamin, quality fish oil and a vitamin D supplement.Doesn’t sound fun? Enjoy having Moobs!Start lifting weights, aim for reps of between 6-10 reps and 3-6 sets per exercise.Concentrate on the larger muscle groups and hit the big lifts like the squat, chin ups/lat pull down, deadlifts, bench press and overhead press.STOP DOING CARDIO, you do not need it.Trying to burn fat with excess cardio without building muscle will only leave you a skinnier fatter version of what you previously were.Reduce you time online, especially before bed.Preferably, there should be no screen time for 2-3 hours before bed.What could you do instead?Here’s a few ideas: GO OUTSIDE, GO TO THE GYM OR READ A BOOK.Sooner or later you will have to face up to the fact that, if you are skinny fat, you are on the road to severe health issues in the near future.How you deal with this is your choice, try and make it a good one.#TrainSmarthttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Rushe-Fitness/120518884715118?ref=hl 

* Emmet is the owner and operator of Rushe FitnessEMMET RUSHE’S FITNESS COLUMN: ATTENTION MEN! ARE YOU SKINNY FAT? was last modified: September 28th, 2014 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:emmet rushefitness columnMenskinny fatlast_img read more

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