Cappelli: Destinations in Croatia can no longer be viewed as one place, tourism transcends administrative boundaries

first_imgThe three-day program of this event brings a handful of educational workshops and presentations, and in addition to the traditional meeting with representatives of the Croatian Government and the Croatian Tourist Forum, this year’s Days of Croatian Tourism will be crowned with awards and recognitions for the best actions of the Croatian Tourist Board and Croatian Chamber of Commerce.  RELATED NEWS: “From the very beginning of its mandate, the Government of the Republic of Croatia has been focused on encouraging the development of the Croatian continent, in which the tourism and hospitality sector plays a major role. That is why we decided to hold the Days of Croatian Tourism in Slavonia this year. In addition to this year’s Days of Croatian Tourism, numerous and diverse events are held in the host counties in order to present Slavonia in the way it deserves, and that is as a destination rich in content, beauty, culture and an indispensable part of Croatian tourist offer.. ” Minister of Tourism Gari Cappelli pointed out at the opening of the Croatian Tourism Day. At the end of the day in the evening in Vinkovci, the first part of the awards of the Croatian Tourist Board and the Croatian Chamber of Commerce in the categories for destinations of the year, attractions of the year, awards to the business sector (Tourist flower – quality for Croatia) and people in tourism. “This year’s Days of Croatian Tourism are special because they are not held in one place but in five counties of Slavonia, Baranja and Srijem. Destinations in Croatia can no longer be viewed as one place, tourism transcends administrative boundaries and that is why these Days of Croatian Tourism are special, because they represent what we build the future of tourism, and it is the joint presentation and development of destinations which, although special in their own way, one whole, a complete tourist story ” Cappelli concluded. Photo by Mint “In recent years, we have focused all our attention on our beautiful coast, while neglecting the continental part of the country. I am glad that this has been changing lately, so we are paying more and more attention to the interior of the country, which has a lot of tourist potential. We Slavonians know very well the potential of our homeland, but we must make sure that others find out about it. That is why it is important that we smartly build the brand of Slavonia and the interior of the country in general. In addition to gastronomy and local culture, we must offer guests other facilities. First of all, we need to specialize, focus on targeted niches, such as cycling or agritourism, which attract tourists throughout the year, not just a few months of the season” said the president of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Luka Burilović. Yesterday, a traditional meeting of tourist workers and all stakeholders in the tourist system of the Republic of Croatia was opened in Vukovar – Croatian Tourism Days (DHT) which are organized by the Ministry of Tourism, the Croatian National Tourist Board and the Croatian Chamber of Commerce since October 2 to 5, 2019 in Slavonia. center_img DAYS OF CROATIAN TOURISM BEGIN IN SLAVONIA. AND IT ALL STARTED WITH ONE CRAZY IDEA “I am extremely glad that the Days of Croatian Tourism are being held for the first time in history in the continental part of our country, in Slavonia, our still somewhat undiscovered tourist pearl. I am sure that this traditional tourist gathering, which gathers over 1000 participants, will be an additional wind in the back of the promotion and further positioning of Slavonia, both in the domestic market and in foreign markets that increasingly recognize this region as a desirable and indigenous tourist destination., he said HTZ Director Kristjan Stanicic, adding that he is sure that all Slavonians will prove to be excellent hosts.” Also, Cappelli pays special attention to the synergy and association of tourist boards, which is significant because the need for synergy and destination branding is increasingly emphasized in the everyday narrative, which we have been waiting for for years. After the island of Hvar, Slavonia should finally be presented and branded as one tourist brand, and not five as before. Cover photo: Eltz Castle, Vukovar City Museum The main part of the program begins today, October 03, when three presentations were organized for the participants, which include a visit to Slavonski Brod, Bukovlje, where the first boat farm is located – Eco-ethno Farm Savus, where a lecture will be held. The Farm to Table movement. Then, a visit to Požega and Kutjevo where workshops and tastings will be held Wine story – Graševina and a visit to the Papuk Nature Park and the Jankovac Forest Park, where a tour and lecture will be held Papuk, a mysterious jewel of Slavonia. The second part of the awards will be presented on Friday, October 04 in Osijek for the 10 best in tourism, in the following categories: Tourist destination of the year, Sustainable tourism award, Beach of the year, Tourist event of the year, DMK Travel agency of the year, Restaurant of the year, Marina of the Year, Camp of the Year, Hotel of the Year, Anton Štifanić Award in the category of company / institution / association and individual, Lifetime Achievement Award and Special Recognition for Outstanding Contribution to Tourism of the Republic of Croatia. last_img read more

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