Li Zhen your new growth must go through the process.

              now the rapid development of the Internet, e-commerce is growing at an alarming rate, more and more people began to focus on the internet. 2011 is not the era of huge profits, which belongs to the era of huge profits the Wangzhuan is outdated, but there are still many projects must go through new wangzhuan.

              the most common way to make money online

              method of making money online too much, but the most common is still a few years ago the popular code hook, questionnaire, registration and so on temptation. On the Wangzhuan profiteering era, these projects have let people earn 500, earning one thousand, even earn over a million. With the continuous improvement of the Internet, some projects began to fade, and even die. read more

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Do not copy paste from the computer to do Wangzhuan forum webmaster.

I am an ordinary girl, grew up in the countryside, because parents work outside, so when I was 2 years old in foster home. When I was in kindergarten, I was raised in my grandmother’s home, and I went to primary school when I was graduating, because my grandmother was in bad health. Just began to feel very comfortable, because no one cares for me, free, can watch TV at night to 12 points, no one will urge me to go to bed that class tomorrow, I can go home after school in the school and the students play for a while, the heart do not have to worry about being scolded for coming home late…. Oh! Grew up, sensible, now sometimes recall previous lives, on the one hand, feel very lucky, because I created a small independent now independent character; on the other hand to feel wronged, because parents get intimate warmth too little. Even more regrettable is that the computer based on zero. read more

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With Jin spine road of entrepreneurship

has become the object of success, many people in the eyes of worship; some people work, many people’s eyes became the object of contempt.

I’m a loser in my business, which was full of Jin spine poineering road, the two venture ended in failure. Now I tell you my story, I hope you can receive the goods.

After I graduated from the University of

, and normal white collar, sitting in the office for a few months, not only feel very boring, but more disgusting is our department manager that always have nothing to take me out to dinner, this is probably the so-called unspoken rule. I lost my faith in work and decided to resign. read more

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China mining to find fish Zhang Fu from the match to self want to improve the efficiency of global f

news the day before February 13th, 13, dark horse camp campers enterprise B2B business platform for China seafood fish announced that the company has completed 20 million yuan A round of financing, the current round of financing led by Fosun Group, really along with investment funds. February 2016, China mining also found that the fish has been obtained by the potential capital, the dark angel fund investment 4 million 500 thousand Angel round of financing.

dark horse camp 13 campers, China fish founder Zhang Fu told the I the dark horse, this round of financing will be mainly used for the expansion team, producing brokers, operators in order to expand the key technology background. read more

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nterviewed 2000 entrepreneurs or so anxious to catch up

in 2017, less than a month, I saw an article called the annual masterpiece articles, from a business media "reporter witnessed: interviews with 2000 entrepreneurs of these 11 types of entrepreneurs EQ people worry".

The reason why

is called the annual masterpiece is because I expect that within a year, I will not see such a magical content from the media. Of all, we must look at key points.

the media interviews with more than 2000 entrepreneurs, suffered numerous "wonderful", unbearable, jumped up shouting: this must teach you how to accept an interview with read more

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Entrepreneurs, to find a partner, is the salvation of the whole team

[editor’s note] author Yin Ming, rare earth community CEO. Concerned about its public number: superficial illusion.

we heard a long time ago, the founders have three things to do, and then according to their own characteristics of the ability to do other things. Money, direction, recruitment, then I’m going to talk about recruitment.

Nuggets 2.3 – 2.4 version also made last week, I and Xinlin in the discussion found that the entire product of the next important version of the current development resources to look at the long, long time for the 3. One more thing I want to share the company here, a lot of energy; and the company to develop, attract more talented person in itself is a a pressing matter of the moment. Is a senior said: "I do Internet Co, there are several Kaner alive, doing it: recruit than their outstanding people, having experience than their own people." read more

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Sports entrepreneurs do not make 8 mistakes partner dispute, PR greater than entrepreneurship……

Abstract: Recently, many gyms and stadiums have been booked for the death of many people. Because the O2O model has been proved to be unworkable, many of the core resources are not in their own hands, to rely on the third party to go down very passive.

are said to make a lot of money in the winter of the sports business to die, in fact, the fact that there is a gap, and now most of the dead sports startups, basically nothing to do with the money, but the other.

this is only a small factor, more of a partner’s argument, their understanding of the business is not clear enough. In my opinion, there are 8 main reasons: read more

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Star VC Quan Ren the industry has done an actor and the transformation of investors let me get a new

1, venture restaurant

When I was at

University, I studied acting at Shanghai Theater Academy. At that time the play is very difficult to test, the more than 5 thousand applicants eventually recruit only 20 people, 10 men and 10 women, sex ratio is very strict.

I was admitted after the family is very happy, because they think the actors is a let attention and to let everyone through TV communication with their occupation, they think I can realize my dream, but also for the family glory, organic will rise head and shoulders above others. read more

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New media start-up performance of the new high secret

The word

together that many entrepreneurs are more than once to have seen or heard, the vocabulary of popular when collaborative development needs from below to improve the efficiency of the team and, as a personal webmaster from the transition to entrepreneurs, when faced with the team and customers, the efficiency of startups determines the company the life.

as a new media start-up company, from the beginning the business combination of tools to complete the product design to the management team, to maintain the sales and customer service, from product design to prototype Axure mail client Foxmail, from the gold data to the IMO cloud office, our aim is to improve the efficiency make the team more attention to products and services, but scattered tools did not play much role. read more

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n the field of traditional industries to seek the development of start-up companies should do

in the field of traditional industrial development companies should be how to do


to start startups, the choice of logistics and transportation industry, it is equivalent to choose a monster broad market.

this is the world’s oldest industry, the annual global value generated thus estimated at 9 trillion dollars. At the same time to create such a huge benefit, the freight industry also maintained an incredible low technology content.

Flexport is a hope will become more simple and efficient freight startups, now also achieved good results: since November 2013, the company income growth of 25%, the number of employees more than 100. read more

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