Want to start 5 things need to be considered in advance

believe that the next few years, China’s employment situation will be more severe, so the state began to encourage college students to start a business. The first thing to do is to put aside the entrepreneurial environment in China, after all, the change in the environment is not done overnight, but if you want to start the business, there are some of their own to look at their own, is not the business of this material.

recently the United States as a strategic consultant, venture investors in the United States PeterCohan success 5 times AndyPalmer talked about his entrepreneurial experience, Palmer shared 5 ideas must be considered in deciding whether to start before for the young. Here, we also share these, if you have the idea of entrepreneurship, but also to see if they are ready. read more

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Men talk about how to learn the beginner

said do Wangzhuan should learn what knowledge, I think everyone’s answer is different, because everyone has their own a Wangzhuan experience, so everyone answers will get into some of their private feelings.

men feel that learning Wangzhuan can do the best learning, learning for practice.

for their own future set a goal, this goal is that you want to make money through what way (to do the procedure, making art, website, software, hackers, flow, marketing, planning, training, auction – – – -) to the target list and to master the knowledge and if you don’t need to know what knowledge can help to people with experience. read more

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Now know how hard it is to make a website SEO


a pure grass root, no money, no background, and bestie discussion, create a small website IT. Why do you think so?

a, create purpose. Now that the traditional industry has been saturated, and the investment is relatively large; not suitable for 90 no capital, no contacts of the grass root people entrepreneurship. But we can not give up their pursuit, and students to create a focus on the game podcast class website. We collected Youku and potatoes each video network has a certain degree of popularity of the podcast video, spent two of us six months time. Collection of podcasts are great eloquence commentary, the website quoted a lot of pictures, try to describe a few words; because we believe that the future of the site is simple and direct, too many words will let visitors feel tedious, but it also caused the SEO search problem, many friends also think the website is too simple. read more

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College Students under the economic crisis a year to earn hundreds of thousands of money

do not know how you see the title of the article will think, it may be said to be a gimmick, disdain to go away. But I know the experience of friends know that the title of the condensation of my unemployment since the countless bitterness. I have never been so deeply aware of the truth of a sentence that "money is not everything!". Now the economic crisis still All sufferings have their reward., continue to deepen, but I have no money worries, because I have money rules. If you can continue to look at my story, you are lucky, because you can get inspiration from my story, rich life. read more

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Website ranking is not good or no profit

Whether the webmaster or

manager to do a website all hope this website can bring profit to themselves, when done later to make it to our needs a lot of work to bring profit website, such as website ranking, promotion, but the reality tells us not long each station can do website ranking, not every webmaster have the capital to promote. So, the new station to do what I do? I have done many types of Web site, enterprise stand, portal station, adult station, sex shop, etc.. When there are dozens of sites in your hand, you can not do every site can take into account. So some sites may not have too much energy to do optimization. So I do these years I have been based on these sites or groping a little experience. read more

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Brief introduction of the CP alliance profits and processes

      mention CP platform, think the webmaster should know, CP providers is to provide a platform for channel interface!

      SP is a provider of content and interfaces!

      CP Alliance – that is engaged in the integration and SP resources, realize multi channel access, providing a plurality of SP channel selection platform for the SMS alliance, and the settlement way, to provide funds to advance for the size of the Union message, reducing the pressure on liquidity. read more

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do GG advertising experience

GG ad N for a long time, but just follow suit, see everyone put GG ads, he also follow to apply for a GG account, a long time and did not care about him, occasionally to see the account is always increased about 0.01+, a few days ago boring, suddenly want to up to your GG account management, climb carefully read the content on the GG, and then the control instructions for a lot of modifications, results in a few days later found the GG price and income on how, to adjust my ideas come and share with you now. read more

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7 ways of self marketing for inward entrepreneurs

lead: are you an introvert, share your ideas and not your expertise with others, nor your innate ability. If all of us need to do self marketing, what about introverts?

you want to tell your thoughts and ideas to the world.

your idea has been in your mind for a long time, you have been waiting patiently, listening to others’ ideas, recording and research. But you just don’t know how to express yourself.

you want everyone to hear your voice, but you don’t dare to open your mouth and express yourself in public. read more

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Love sample network free sample marketing logic behind

a lot of people are curious, this free to provide consumers with a sample line under the model for what to rely on the site based on



network operators in the world by Lu Jianing

a few months ago in Beijing, the love sample network, is a sample of consumers to provide free line to receive the site. Through the site to build the platform, the line of businesses to pay 5000 yuan per month settled in, through the release of free samples for marketing. The user simply through the phone authentication, you can enter the store to receive or experience under the line. read more

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Billboard observation a start-up in stand season

sina science and Technology Annual billboard Summit Forum

sina science and Technology Forum



February 18th, the annual science and technology of the year Sina billboard held as scheduled. In the list of the awards winners, in addition to large enterprises and industry users are familiar with the chiefs, startups and entrepreneurs occupy a prominent position.

2013, the giants of mergers and acquisitions, the U.S. capital market positive, so that venture capital companies into the best of times". Sina science and technology awards this year to elect the 14 annual start-up companies, to honor innovators. read more

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